Health Care E-Consultation

Online Consultation Software for doctors

Details of the patients for a travelling doctor can be maintained via online. This is the most effective way of storing databases. Each doctor can enter the website using his login id and password. Patients also get to maintain the details or symptoms of their various diseases. It would keep a busy doctor well updated on their patient's diseases and prescribe an effective medication to their valuable patients.

The services that come under online consultation software for doctors are:

- Doctors can use this system individually.
- It is very much ideal for NRIs/ traveling/ busy doctors etc.
- Patient can maintain their details.
- Case sheets and records of patients are maintained online.
- Mail alerts are available when a conversation is received.

Online Consultation Software for hospitals

- It is very user friendly software which can be installed in a hospital.
- Patients registered in the hospital are given login details.
- Patient can choose a particular doctor in that hospital.
- Details can be managed by patients itself..
- Easy and efficient interaction between doctors and patients is ensured.
- Case sheets and records of patients are maintained online.
- Option to send reports to doctor through interface.
- Mail alerts are available for admin, doctor, and patients, associate etc.

For appointment issues this technique can be very much effective. Taking the correct or right blood tests the appointed date is also very important.

Staffs cannot be present day in and day out, as there are limitations. Front office helpdesk cannot work 24x7 without taking a single leave. So having an Online Consultation Software for hospitals can be very effective.

It helps patients to register online and book appointments without the help of the front office medical staff. Thus confusion can be eliminated to a greater extent. It calls the patient automatically and confirms appointments automatically. Visit to the doctor can be confirmed, restrictions in dietary intakes and medications to be taken can be solved through this method.

With the online doctor appointment scheduling system, many of your difficulties can be prevented or eliminated.
It can be used as a medical query system for clearing the doubts of the patients who approach them for treatments.