Everything you need to know about Mobile-First Indexing Strategy

What actually does mobile-first indexing means?

Since last year, Google has been focusing on the mobile-first indexing strategy. Mobile-first indexing means that Google gives more focus on the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking. It doesn’t mean that Google focuses only on mobile but, the whole idea is to give primary focus to the mobile versions for ranking once the site is migrated.

The next move is to develop a website that’s not only optimized to the desktop version but also a mobile-friendly one. With Google focusing on your mobile version being the primary one for ranking, there’s no excuse to avoid mobile-friendliness.

The mobile version of your website will be the first to get included in the Google index and also, the baseline for how Google’s algorithms will determine rankings.

Even though if a website doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, still it could be included in Google’s index. But the websites with the mobile-friendly interface will achieve a boost in rankings, while the website which lacks a mobile experience could experience a fall in rankings.

This means that the mobile version will be considered as the primary version of your website and if and only if you have optimised your website for mobile, you’ll not have a significant impact on your site’s performance on SERP.

Steps you can adjust with Mobile-First Indexing Strategy…

1. High quality content:

Include all the relevant informations, high-quality and valuable content in the mobile version that exits on your desktop site. This applies to videos and image as well. Make sure the formats that you are using for mobile-version is crawlable and indexable by google.

2. Structured Data:

Both the versions must use the same structured data. URLs that are included in the structured data code must be the same URL for the mobile version of the website.

3. Meta Titles and Descriptions:

According to the official guidance provided by Google, the titles and descriptions for the mobile version must be identical to the desktop version. It needs to be identical but not equivalent. This means that we can edit the titles and descriptions of the mobile version, but it should convey the same meaning.

4. Search Console Verification:

Along with verifying your desktop version of website in Google Search Console, make sure that you have also added and verified the mobile version. The main goal of this update is to base indexing predominantly on crawling website content. It is important to make sure that your thin mobile site contains all relevant and valuable content.

That’s a nutshell information about Google’s Mobile-first indexing.

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