Top 3 UI/UX Website Design Trends in 2019

In 2019, new UI trends are pouring in which improves people’s lives and which meet the business objectives. Their primary focus is on speed, simple page design and most importantly, a mobile friendly approach. This is because, last year 58% of site visits were from mobile devices and they made up 42% of total time spent online and their bounce rate came in at 50%.

Here we bring in top #3 UI trends in 2019,

1. Typography and storytelling:

Typography and Storytelling is becoming more trendy in 2019. People receive informations through text format and the are comfortable with it. With right knowledge of typography, a designer can present the text in a more creative way and can influence the users perception. A Designer has to make this process this process easy and convey certain message or mood by using the correct font. Size, width, and color.

Copywriting or content writing is as important as typography, as it’s becoming one of the most important element for a great user experience. Any errors or mistakes in typography will give a negative impression to the user, as they can find beter alternative.

2. Illustration graphics:

The main idea behind illustration is to help the user to understand or imagine better about a particular topic or situation. Because of its creativity and beauty, the use of illustration is skyrocketing in websites and mobile apps, as they can enhance the user friendliness.

Its this dynamic nature which captures the users attention to what the company has to convey or offer. A user friendly website can only bring more visitors but keep it memorable.

3. Colours and gradients effect:

Gradients are color transitions which blend naturally from one to the other. They can blend in or transition similar colours or completely different color.

Gradients were prominent trend in website design until 2000s, before the introduction of flat designs. But now they are coming back in 2019.

Why are gradients getting so trendy right now in 2019?

Gradients are so eye-catching and attention-grabbing. These stunningly vibrant color transitions makes them stand out from the crowd and helps to elevate any design. They can add a unique feel to your logo, Web design, apps, etc that helps you stand out from your competitors.In Websites, you can make use of gradients for a subtle background, buttons etc for creating a big impact on user experience with bold colors to design accents.