Organic and Paid advertisements. Which is better ?

Are you confused about picking the Organic SEO method or Paid advertisement for growing your business in the digital world?

A recent digital marketing report done by Merkle 2019 shows that Google’s organic search visits are down 8% when compared to the same period in 2018. Not only Google, even organic search visits from Bing and Yahoo are also down with 26% and 11% respectively.

Reports show that paid search results are cutting into the way of organic visits. When compared to organic search results, which produced only 59%, paid search visits brought 65% of website visits.

So what would you choose? Organic SEO method or Paid advt?

The main pros of going Paid advertising strategies are:

  • Scale-up quickly. As you spend more money on paid advertising you get more traffic to your website instantly. When you start a paid campaign, you can see the result from that very moment.
  • Target any region. With paid advertisements, you can target any area for your business. If you are doing business in a specific city and want to target a specific area, with Paid campaigns and ads it is possible.
  • Dayparting is an important benefit of paid ads. You can easily target specific time for making your ads go live.
  • Aggressive landing pages. You can have an aggressive landing page that focuses on your offer, service or your products. Thus converting the percentage of a regular visitor to a regular customer.

When you compare with Paid Advt, Organic search results are really slow. The benefit of organic results is that it is way less costly and it’ll remain in the search results for a long time once it’s listed in a top position.

Even though Google pushes more on organic search results, recent reports show the opposite. You’ll have to bring in more content for doing regular SEO, and it’ll take a lot of time to show some results in Google. With Google bringing more than 3200 updates in the algorithms in the previous year, it makes organic SEO difficult.

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